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What is the ratio of Fishtelizer® to water?

Mix 3 oz of Liquid Fishtelizer® with 1 gallon of water. See instructions on the label.

Why is Fishtelizer® the best?

In Fishtelizer®, we don't use fish leftovers or scraps. It can be used in indoor and outdoor. It supports vigorous growth and can be used at any time on any crops or plants. Our manufacturing facility is FDA approved.

Is there any precaution for using Fishtelizer®?

Fishtelizer® must be diluted in water and sprayed gently on plants.

I am going to use Fishtelizer® for the first time. What should I know about it?

Fishtelizer® is a specialty fertilizer targeted for vegetables and plants. Before applying it to your plants, dilute it with the water as instructed on the bottle. Fishtelizer® adds nutrition and promotes growth of your plants.

My gardener wants a water-soluble fertilizer. Is Fishtelizer® water soluble?

Yes, Fishtelizer® dissolves into water easily. It is advisable to dilute Fishtelizer® with water before applying it to your plants.

What minerals are there in Fishtelizer®?

Fishtelizer® contains Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, Sulfur, Nitrogen, Boron, Iron, Manganese, and Zinc.

When should I fertilize my lawn or plants?

It's recommended to apply Fishtelizer® every 2-3 weeks or as needed.

What is the best season to use Fishtelizer®?

Fishtelizer® is an all season fertilizer.

Can I use Fishtelizer® in my Hydroponic garden?

Yes, you can use Fishtelizer® in your hydroponic garden to add nutrients to your garden.

Can you explain the purpose of each component of the Fishtelizer®?

Fishtelizer® contains micro and macro nutrients naturally found in fish. Fishtelizer® contains Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium and those nutrients support plants to grow stronger. Nitrogen is responsible for leaf growth and the green color of the leaves. Phosphorus helps in seed germination, root formation and makes the plants disease resistant. Potassium contributes to enzyme activation, ATP production, and water retention in the plants.

How to make Fishtelizer® Tea?

Garden teas made from plants are easy to make and do not require you to pick up a load of manure or use any of your compost. Next time you are weeding your garden, throw all the weeds into a bucket or trash can, chopping them up as you go. When it is about half full, mix 3 oz of Fishtelizer ® and 1 gallon of water in the bucket until it is ¾ full.
Screen the top to keep mosquitoes out. Stir daily to mix things up and keep it aerated. After 7-14 days strain and use the liquid right away as a fertilizer or foliar feeding in your vegetable or kitchen garden. It can be diluted or used full strength on established plants. Since plant leaves tend to absorb more nutrients faster than roots, foliar feeding is an efficient way to fertilize. Weeds are full of nutrients they have absorbed from your soil, so it is only fitting to extract the water-soluble ones and return them to your garden plants.
Some plants make extra nourishing fertilizer tea: Alfafa, Horsetail, Willow, Comfrey, Chicory, Dandelions, Stinging Nettle contain minerals and vitamins.
Grass works well too. Fresh grass clippings are high in nitrogen and potassium. Gather up your clippings next time you mow the lawn, fill a bucket 2/3 full of them, add Fishtelizer® according to the direction on the label and stir daily.

How to make compost tea with Fishtelizer®?

Fishtelizer® is excellent for replacing water in your favorite Compost or Fertilizer Tea. For those who are not familiar with Compost or Fertilizer Tea the process for making these great additives is simple.
Fishtelizer® compost tea can be made without adding supplemental nutrient sources like molasses that feed microbes. Fishtelizer® provides all the aeration and supplemental nutrients your fish infused compost tea will ever need.
Start by adding 1/3 of compost in a 5 gallons bucket. Fill the bucket to an inch or two from the top with Fishtelizer®. Stir and mix for a few minutes.  It helps releasing the compost nutrients into the fertilizer – similar to dunking a tea bag to release more tea into your drink. Let it steep for a few days, stirring daily. Cover with a piece of screening to keep mosquitoes from breeding in it. Strain off the liquid with a mesh screen or strainer, return the solids to your compost pile, and use the liquid as a soil drench or a foliage spray, either full strength or diluted.
Fishtelizer® compost tea is a good health booster for plants (like vitamins for people). Healthy plants are better able to resist pests and diseases.
Fishtelizer® compost tea improves the water retention capacity of soil, which reduces the need for frequent watering. It helps loosen clay soils for air and water to move, and helps sandy soils retain water and nutrients.When sprayed onto plants, Fishtelizer® compost tea adds beneficial microbes to foliage. By occupying leaf surfaces, these organisms prevent potential disease organisms from gaining a foothold.
Soil structure is improved with regular applications of Fishtelizer® compost tea. The biological components in a soil are what create its structure. For good structure, all organism groups in the food web—bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes, and micro arthropods—need to be present. When you add fish infused tea, you add these microbes.