Why Choose Fishtelizer? – Fishtelizer® by Advance Intl.

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There are countless reasons to choose Fishtelizer® over other NPK fertilizers. Some of the top qualities of this fish fertilizer includes:

  • ➡ This the the most optimized NPK fish fertilizer that contains all the essential ingredients that help the plants grow healthier and faster.
  • ➡ It is prepared from premium 100% certified sustainable wild-caught ocean fish and not from the leftovers or scraps (or shit) of fish.
  • ➡ The Fish Fertilizer is made from food-grade fish.
  • ➡ It helps in removing all kinds of nutrient deficiencies from plants.
  • ➡ It is a biological soil enhancer. It stimulates the microbial activity in the soil that helps in disease resistance and helping the plant to grow faster. It also strengthens the roots of the plants.
  • ➡ Fishtelizer® is all natural organic fertilizer with no side effects on any plant.
  • ➡ It has nearly no odor and is completely safe around pets and children. That's why this fish fertilizer is being widely used for indoor plants and home gardens. 
  • ➡ Fishtelizer® is equally beneficial for indoor plants, home gardens, vegetable gardens, hydroponics, and outdoor crops.
  • ➡ Fishtelizer® has surprising results for cannabis and hemp growers.
  • ➡ Owing to the largest happy customer base, the fish fertilizer is currently the Greatest Fertilizer in USA.