5 Common Myths about Fishtelizer® – Fishtelizer® by Advance Intl.

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5 Common Myths about Fishtelizer® - Fishtelizer® by Advance Intl.

5 Common Myths about Fishtelizer®

Despite its popularity among common people, fish emulsions are the most underrated fertilizers. Looking forward the growing needs of some good fertilizers in the coming generation, we have made a detailed analysis of the common myths about Fishtelizer®. The goal of this post is not to make a long list of prevailing myths but to educate you about the wonderful results you will receive.

Myth #1

Fishtelizer® is poisonous.

Neither fish emulsions nor fish hydrolysate is poisonous to the soil. They are just like any other fertilizers and do not contain any contaminated particles. Contrary to what many believe, Fishtelizer® is not made with chemicals like the other fertilizers found everywhere and are therefore not harmful. Fishtelizer® is the pesticide-free form of manures in the present times.

Myth #2

Fishtelizer® doesn't promote growth.

This is the most prevalent myth about Fishtelizer®. Generally, a plant requires 16 nutrients to be healthy and grow properly. Fishtelizer® contains all the micro and macronutrients that boost the growth of plants. Users of Fishtelizer® noticed more growth in their plants within a short period.

Myth #3

Fishtelizer® is a threat to the environment.

The statement does not hold in the case of Fishtelizer®. Unlike mineral fertilizers, Fishtelizer® is not harsh on the environment. Fishtelizer® for plants pose no threat to the environment. They are the safest fertilizer as they are made from oceanic fishes.

Myth #4

Fish emulsion causes plant burns.

Plant burns usually occur when they are fed unformulated and unbalanced fertilizers. Fish emulsions are made with a special formula with a balanced NPK ratio. Fishtelizer® is soft on the foliage of plants and promote the growth of chlorophyll in the leaves.

Myth #5

Fish fertilizers are not eco-friendly.

However, Fishtelizer® is eco-friendly, thanks to our patented machinery system called "Seavior" that allows us to make fish protein. There is zero waste and a low to zero carbon footprint. It doesn't use any fresh water and it takes the whole frozen fish and turns them into fish protein, fish water, and fish oil. That's why they are eco-friendly in all aspects.

Fishtelizer® can be a great addition to your kitchen garden and some people have found their use in agriculture too. You may try Fishtelizer® for tomatoes if you come by a rotten tomato root. Fishtelizer® is an excellent choice for your home and garden plants. They are easy to use and user-friendly. Posing no threat to the environment, Fishtelizer® for vegetables is known for its eco-friendly and high nutrient value to the plants.