The Magical Power of Fish Fertilizers in the Kitchen Garden – Fishtelizer® by Advance Intl.

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The Magical Power of Fish Fertilizers in the Kitchen Garden - Fishtelizer® by Advance Intl.

The Magical Power of Fish Fertilizers in the Kitchen Garden

Do you often feel worried about the slow growth of your vegetables? Do you have a hard time nourishing your little plants in the kitchen garden? If you are fed up with applying traditional manures or fertilizers to your plants, then you can always rely on Fish Fertilizer.

Ever wondered how can a fish be used as a fertilizer? Are they better over any other fertilizer? In this blog post, I am going to remove your doubts regarding fish fertilizer and will tell you how fish can be a great fertilizer?

Let me tell you everything about the magical powers of fish fertilizer.

If we talk about the qualities of a fish, it is an ample source of proteins and nutrients. Till now, we have been considering fish as an important part of our meal but now we can use it to feed our plants too. Fish fertilizer is nothing but a fish emulsion from the fluid remains of processed fish. The amino acids present in fish fluids help the plants to gain essential nutrients it needs.

Typically, fish fertilizer is found in the form of fish emulsion blood fish, bone fertilizer, and fish hydrolysate. Fish fertilizer is made from whole fish or the part of fish such as fish heads, tails, bones, meat, and scales. The remnants of fish are processed and converted into powdered form and liquid form to use as a fertilizer.

Plants in the kitchen garden are as delicate as kids in our home. Just like kids need gentle treatment when they fall ill. Similarly, plants in the kitchen garden need a gentle approach. We are well aware of the fact that a plant needs organic matter and nutrients to grow. Merely watering the plants twice a day is not going to solve the nutrient problems of plants.

Fish fertilizer can give your plants an instant boost without being hard on them. They provide an essential source of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus which are necessary for plants. Apart from keeping our plants healthy, fish fertilizers enhance the fertility of the soil too. Research shows that people who used fish fertilizers noticed much more growth in their kitchen garden. 

Here are some key benefits of fish fertilizer:

  • Boosts growth: The nutrients in fish fertilizer are released faster than other organic fertilizers and give a boost to the kitchen garden.
  • Greener Vegetables: Leafy vegetables benefit from the rich nutrients in fish fertilizer. As it provides more greener foliage to leafy plants and grasses, it boosts the process of photosynthesis.
  • Fertile Soil: Use fish fertilizer to enhance soil fertility and improve its nutrient retention.

If we compare fish fertilizers to chemical fertilizers, then fish fertilizer is undoubtedly the best source of energy for plants. Unlike other fertilizers, fish products are more sustainable and eco-friendly. Fish fertilizers pose no threat to the environment and support biologically active soil. These organic tonics of the kitchen garden are made exclusively from oceanic fishes and are the best alternative for the health of your kitchen garden.